Sous-Vide Yam Porridge With A Twist

Published –   Aug 25, 2017

Tired of the same old porridge yam recipe? Well, we added a little twist to ours! This is Sous-Vide Yam Porridge With A Twist. 


1kg White Yam
18g Sweet Potatoes
500ml Very Lightly Seasoned Beef Stock
80ml Red Oil
3g Ground Pepper
Salt to Taste
7g Powdered Crayfish
Pinch of Sugar
50g Sliced Ugwu


Peel and cube the yam to about 35g cubes.
Peel and dice the sweet potatoes tp abut 5g cubes.
Clean the smoked fish removing skin and bones.
Chop the oinions.
In the deep oven dish, place all ingredients except the ugwu and follow the oven setting below.
Vacuum seal and slow-cook in the steam combination oven for 40mins- 50mins  until desired thickness.
Stir at 30mins.
Sprinkle the ugwu on top of the porridge at 47mins and allow to cook for the remaining 3mins.
Stir to mix the ugwu and serve.

Oven Setting

Place the dish on shelve one
Oven Function - STEAM
Temperature - 100 degrees
Time - 50mins


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