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CS 1011 GGas CombiSetw. 6,0 kW dual wok b. for a wide range of output levels & short heat-up times

CS 1012-1 GGas CombiSetwith two burners for the greatest flexibility while cooking.

CS 1112 EElectric CombiSetwith 2 cooking zones incl. one Vario zone for versatile use.

CS 1212-1 IElectric CombiSet with inductionwith 2 cooking zones in different diameters for versatile cooking.

CS 1312 BGCombiSet grillwith 2 grill zones and a premium cast-iron griddle for perfect grilling.

CS 1327 YCombiSet Tepan-Yakiwith 2 heat zones and a premium stainless steel surface for multi-purpose use.

CS 1411 FCombiSet deep fat-fryerwith a high capacity basin for perfect deep fat-frying.

CS 1418 WACombiSet scaleswith a load capacity of up to 10 kg for versatile use.