Grilled Fish

This recipe is ideal for family lunches and dinners



  1. Blend the spring onions, scotch bonnet, ginger, and garlic

  2. In a sauce pan, add some olive oil. Once it is hot, add the blended paste then allow to fry.

  3. After it is done frying, add half of the crayfish, salt, and black pepper. Turn heat off and leave to cool.

  4. Properly clean the fish then pat-dry with a kitchen roll to remove excess water.

  5. Next, lightly sprinkle salt on the fish, followed by the remaining half of the crayfish

  6. Once that is done, generously marinate the entire fish with the blended mix.

  7. Wrap in foil paper and leave to sit for 15mins.

  8. While the fish is marinating, set the Miele Grill Hob to number 8.

  9. Once the fish is done marinating, place it on the grill hob for 20mins (10mins on each side)

  10. Gently remove from foil, and serve.



1 medium Tilapia fish

1 bunch Spring onions

2-3 scotch bonnet

4 tbsp Crayfish (blended)

3 fresh garlic

A knob of ginger

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste