CVA 7845

Built-in coffee machine with DirectWater Perfectly combinable design with CoffeeSelect + AutoDescale for highest demands.

CVA 7845

Built-in coffee machine with DirectWater Perfectly combinable design with CoffeeSelect + AutoDescale for highest demands.

Feature Highlights

  • Large touch display with movement sensor – M Touch + MotionReact
  • Individual coffee enjoyment with 3 bean containers – CoffeeSelect
  • Perfect care – fully automatic with AutoDescale and AutoClean
  • Perfectly positioned: thanks to the patented CupSensor
  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – a href="#PRODBEN_200176219-ZPV" class="link"OneTouch for Two /a


‐ Clean steel/Stainless steel

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Your exclusive advantages

Easy cleaning

For more convenient cleaning

Machine hygiene made easy: removable components and automatic cleaning processes guarantee cleanliness.
Daily cleaning is carried out by these intelligent appliances almost autonomously. The milk pipework is automatically cleaned after every drink made with milk. The exclusive descaling programme, AutoDescale, automatically ensures durability on CM7 models. The drip tray, water container and waste container are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe thanks to ComfortClean. The efficient cleaning functions guarantee hygiene and excellent coffee flavour.
EasyClick milk system

Easier milk system docking

Convenient and innovative: the milk flaskj is attached and removed at the front for easy access.
Convenient and innovative: the milk flaskj is attached and removed at the front for easy access.

Perfect care – fully automatically

Convenient and effortless: your Miele coffee machine will take care of cleaning and descaling for you.
Effortless removal of dirt and limescale: Miele takes care of cleaning and descaling* your coffee machine so you can spend your time on more important things. The milk pipework and brew unit are cleaned and degreased automatically with the AutoClean function – keeping the coffee machine clean at all times. And there is no need to spend ages descaling your appliance either: the patented AutoDescale function does it automatically.

To use when and how you prefer

For coffee when you want it: switch-on and switch-off times can be programmed as required.
Switch-on and switch-off of the coffee machine can be programmed individually and according to your needs. Coffee can be made as soon as you get up as the machine switches on automatically; it also switches off automatically in the evening. To conserve energy, the coffee machine can be switched off completely after it has not been used for some time.

Always freshly ground

For the perfect aroma: thanks to our innovative grinder, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee in every cup.
Taste the difference: the beans are freshly ground by our innovative conical grinder for each cup of coffee and then brewed straight away – in a unique aroma-preserving way. This is possible thanks to the new grinder position directly above the brew unit. This ensures that no remnants from a previous brewing process remain in the grinder, guaranteeing unadulterated flavour. The conical grinder is very quiet so you can enjoy your coffee in peace.
The perfect coffee experience

A true taste sensation

Beautiful aroma: perfectly coordinated components create the perfect cup of coffee.
Enjoy your coffee to the full with the top-class Miele coffee machines. Thanks to AromaticSystemFresh, the beans are freshly ground for each cup of coffee and then brewed straight away – for an intense flavour. With CoffeeSelect you will also benefit from having three separate bean containers – so each coffee speciality is always prepared with the right type of bean.

Automatic adjustment of the central spout

Ideal distance: The CupSensor recognises the cup rim and alters the position of the central spout accordingly.
The CupSensor makes using your Miele coffee machine easier. The sensor recognises the height of the cup and positions the central spout accordingly at a height between 8 and 16 cm. The ideal distance prevents splashes and ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema. After the addition of milk the central spout is moved upward by 1 cm to prevent soiling.
User profiles/parameter settings

Save settings for a personalised experience

Just the way you like it: store your favourite drinks in up to ten personal user profiles.
For a personalised experience: you can save the settings for your favourite drink in the user profiles so you don't have to enter them every time. Up to ten profiles are available. The user profiles contain all the parameters for your favourite drinks: bean type, quantity of coffee, water temperature and quantity and milk/milk froth quantities if applicable.
Easy to use

Simply with a fingertip

Gourmet results: the CM7 is easy to operate by touching the screen on the easy-to-navigate CM Touch display.
Appliance operation could not be simpler: with the intuitive Touch display, you can enjoy your favourite coffee speciality with just a few touches.

Easy cleaning in the dishwasher

Thorough cleaning and long lasting care: many components are dishwasher-proof.
The ComfortClean system makes hygiene very easy. Many of the coffee machine parts, such as For example, the water container and the waste container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the appliance.

Personalised flavour

Your choice: with three bean containers, your coffee speciality is always prepared with the right coffee bean.
Freedom of choice: our patented CoffeeSelect ensures maximum enjoyment and top-quality coffee. There are three separate containers for different types of beans – so each coffee speciality is prepared with the right one. You can select the bean types manually or assign them permanently to particular drinks – giving you maximum flexibility. Drinks are always prepared using one type of bean as no remnants remain in the system from previous uses.
Pot function

Convenient when having guests

For larger quantities: the appliance can prepare up to eight cups if you have friends or family visiting.
Making coffee for lots of people? At the touch of a button, the Miele coffee machine dispenses up to eight cups of coffee one after the other into a coffee pot placed under the spout. It can also dispense enough water to fill a teapot. And with the practical insulated coffee pot, available from Miele as an accessory, you can keep your tea or coffee warm for longer.

Always ready for operation

Saves time and effort: thanks to the mains water connection, you no longer have to top up the water container.
Practical and convenient: some of our coffee machines can be plumbed in. This means there is no need to keep topping up the water – saving you time and providing added convenience. Plumbed-in appliances can also be converted for operation with the water container if desired.

What's Included

  • Milk flask – glass
  • Descaling cartridge

Product data sheet

Construction type
Built-in bean-to-cup coffee machine
Colour EdelstahlCleansteel
Convenience features
OneTouch preparation
OneTouch for Two preparation
Programmable User profiles 10
Aroma-friendly conical grinder
Selectable grinder setting
Programmable amount of coffee
Programmable amount of water
Programmable water temperature
Amount of milk can be programmed
Programmable amount of milk froth
Pre-brewing programmable
Long coffee
Latte macchiato
Hot milk
Milk froth
Espresso macchiato
Cappuccino Italiano
Caffè Americano
Long black
Flat white
Café au lait
Caffè latte
Tea water
Hot water
Black tea
Herbal tea
Fruit tea
Green tea
Coffee pot function
User convenience
Display M Touch
Height adjustable central spout, range in cm 4.00
Height adjustable central spout, range in cm 16.50
Mains water connection
Concealed door handle
Expert mode
Individual language selection
Show me how
No. of bean types 3
No. of bean containers 3
Bean container capacity, total in g 600
Removable coffee bean container
Capacity of water container in l 2.70
Milk container capacity in l 0.70
Drip tray capacity in l 1.60
Easily accessible containers
Time of day display
Date display
Programmable switch-on time
Programmable switch-off time
Programmable standby time
Clock buffer in h 200
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy-saving eco-mode selectable
Cleaning convenience
Stainless-steel front with CleanSteel finish
AutoDescale function
Automatic rinsing of milk line with water from the water container
Convenient cleaning programmes
Automatic rinsing function
Removable milk pipework
Removable brew unit
Programmable water hardness
Appliance networking
SuperVision display
System lock
Technical data
Min niche height in mm 560
Max niche height in mm 568
Min niche height in mm 448
Max niche height in mm 452
Niche depth in mm 550
Appliance width in mm 595
Appliance height in mm 455
Appliance depth in mm 475
Depth with door open in cm 108.00
Total rated load in kW 1.45
Voltage in V 220-240
Fuse rating in A 13
Number of phases 1
Length of water inlet hose in m 1.50
Length of supply lead in m 2.00