EVS 7010

Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.

EVS 7010

Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.

Feature Highlights

  • Remains fresh for longer – storage and portioning of food
  • Intense taste – marinading food
  • Preparation of food for sous-vide cooking
  • Easy handling – Touch controls and fully telescopic runners
  • Opening the drawer couldn’t be easier – Push2open
  • Color

    ‐ Obisidian Black

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    Your exclusive advantages


    Maximum taste

    Create amazing taste sensations by vacuum sealing food with herbs and marinades.
    Packed with flavour: marinate some meat or fish and then vacuum-seal it with the Miele vacuum sealing drawer. The vacuum greatly intensifies the flavour of the marinade, as aromas do not oxidise, for example. Herbs and spices can intensively penetrate the food – for a result that is bursting with flavour.
    Fully telescopic runners

    Practical and ergonomic

    So convenient: you can open the drawer fully so it is easy to load or unload.
    The Miele Gourmet drawer can be opened all the way thanks to the practical fully telescopic runners. This makes it much easier for you to load and unload the drawer and ensures convenient handling. With its stable telescopic runners, the drawer is easy to open and close.
    Preparation for sous-vide cooking

    Perfect preparation

    Perfect for sous-vide cooking: the vacuum-sealed food retains its flavour and nutrients.
    The Miele vacuum sealing drawer is the perfect way to prepare your food for gentle sous-vide cooking with the Miele steam oven. The drawer removes oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags containing your food. The food can then be cooked using the particularly gentle sous-vide method, which preserves a large proportion of the vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, meat cooked in this way is particularly succulent and flavoursome.
    Variable sealing times

    Different sealing options

    Perfect for every bag thickness: you can choose from three sealing settings depending on the material of the bag.
    It is important to choose the right sealing duration for vacuum sealing bags to ensure perfect food storage conditions or to prepare for sous-vide cooking: thin bags and original packaging such as crisp packets are gently and securely sealed with setting 1. This ensures that the food is perfectly protected from odour or flavour transfer. For sous-vide cooking with thicker bags, we recommend setting 3.
    Three vacuum settings

    Perfect for any application

    Tailored settings: you can choose between three vacuum sealing levels depending on the food in question.
    You can choose from three different vacuum settings: do you want to gently vacuum-seal pressure-sensitive foods such as fruit? Then select setting 1. We recommend 3 – the highest setting – for meat and setting 2 for food which contains a lot of liquid. This provides the perfect protection for your food and ensures the best results.

    One touch is enough

    Open in no time: light pressure on the drawer is all it takes.
    Hands full? No problem – press gently on the drawer and it will open straight away thanks to the practical Push2open mechanism. The spring mechanism ensures that the drawer opens wide, making loading and operating easy. The deliberate lack of a handle ensures that the drawer blends in perfectly with our built-in appliances.
    Vacuum sealing liquids

    Securely stored

    Save space and store food securely: even liquids can be easily vacuum sealed in a plastic bag.
    Made some soup as a starter but there's some left over? Simply vacuum-seal it in a bag so that it stays fresh for longer. Another advantage of vacuum-sealed liquids is that they take up hardly any space when stored in the refrigerator. This method is also ideal for marinades and salad dressings. Need to transport liquids? Storing them inside vacuum sealing bags is a really safe option.
    Large range of applications

    Numerous options

    With our vacuum sealing drawer, you can divide food into portions, prepare it for storage and much more.
    Whether you want to extend the storage life of your food or divide it into portions, our vacuum sealing drawer is the perfect choice. Vacuum-sealed food stays fresh for longer and is perfectly prepared for sous-vide cooking. Enjoy an intense flavour by vacuum sealing marinated meat. Practical tip: the drawer can also be used to reseal packaging or jars once you have opened them.
    Large usable space

    Enough space for any size

    For large and small volumes: the usable space is sufficient for vacuum sealing bags up to max. 250 mm x 350 mm.
    Excellent flexibility: you can use the Miele vacuum sealing drawer for containers and bags in a wide range of sizes. The large interior provides plenty of space for all kinds of foods in different quantities up to a maximum size of 250 x 350 mm and a height of 80 mm.

    Food stays fresh – even once opened

    Keep food tasting fresh: reseal opened packaging gently and securely.
    It's a familiar story: after an evening in front of the TV, you are left with part-eaten packets of crisps and popcorn. Our vacuum sealing drawer offers the perfect solution, as it gently and safely re-seals the original packaging. In this way, you can protect your food from flavour and odour transfer. And when you decide to come back to them, your snacks will be just as tasty as they were to start with.
    Food-safe vacuum sealing bags

    Specially designed for food

    Safely packed: Miele vacuum sealing bags are temperature-resistant, airtight and do not affect flavour.
    The Miele vacuum sealing bags are designed with specific requirements in mind: they are heat-resistant, boil-proof and tear-resistant, food-safe and plasticiser-free – for safe storage of all kinds of foods. And crucially, they are taste-neutral so there is no chance that the flavour of the contents will be affected. The scope of delivery includes plastic bags in a range of sizes. Running out? You can buy more from the Miele shop.
    Vacuum sealing

    Perfect preparation and longer storage

    Ideal conditions: vacuum sealing can be used for food storage, portioning, marinating and re-sealing.
    A simple principle with lots of advantages: our practical vacuum sealing drawer removes the oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags. This method creates the ideal conditions for extending the storage life of your food. At the same time, vacuum sealing is perfect for sous-vide cooking in the steam oven and for portioning and storing food.

    The right amount

    Whether you’re cooking a feast or dinner for one – make individual portions for storing or sous-vide cooking.
    Love fresh food? Condiments, cheese and sausage can be easily divided into portions with the Miele vacuum sealing drawer – locking in flavour and making them last longer. Soft cheese, in particular, keeps far better if vacuum-sealed and stored in the refrigerator. Reheat a portion of lasagne inside the vacuum sealing bag in the steam oven or measure out your breakfast cereal and keep it in the vacuum sealing drawer to save space and keep it dry.
    Sealing jars

    Tightly sealed

    Store food securely to keep it fresh: pesto, baby food and much more can be vacuum sealed in jars.
    A jar of left-over pesto or baby food can be easily resealed in the Miele vacuum sealing drawer and then stored safely away for future use. There is no need to transfer the contents because original jars with a maximum height of 8 cm can be vacuum-sealed with ease. Compote, pickled vegetables, cooked food or antipasti can be sealed airtight in preserving jars inside the vacuum-sealing drawer.
    SensorTouch controls

    Intuitive and straightforward

    Elegant and easy to clean: convenient operation with state-of-the-art technology via a flush touch panel.
    Simple controls: the Miele Gourmet warming drawers can be operated easily and intuitively via a SensorTouch panel which is under a glass fascia. It provides direct access to all of the functions – for optimised user convenience. At the same time, the touch panel is easy to clean and is therefore very low-maintenance.
    Reusable vacuum sealing containers

    Long service life

    The sustainable alternative: unlike vacuum sealing bags, you can reuse vacuum sealing containers over and over.
    Miele’s environmentally friendly, reusable vacuum sealing containers are an excellent way of storing your food safely. They can be used again and again and are easy to connect to the vacuum sealing drawer with the aid of an adapter.
    Longer storage life

    Longer storage life

    Store food in ideal conditions: vacuum seal your food to keep it fresher for longer.
    The best place to store fish and vegetables for short periods is the PerfectFresh zone of the refrigerator – here, vacuum-sealed food will stay fresh for much longer without any loss of flavour or quality. Vacuum sealing will protect food in the freezer against freezer burn and the transfer of odours or flavours. Bread and rolls, which can be stored at room temperature, will also remain fresh for a long time when vacuum-sealed.
    Vacuum sealing in containers

    Always in perfect condition

    Blanching food in containers: delicate foodstuffs such as fruit or herbs are left intact.
    Miele vacuum sealing containers are ideal for pressure-sensitive foods, such as herbs, vegetables or fruit. Sliced meats and liquids such as soups or sauces can also be conveniently divided into portions and kept fresh for longer in the vacuum sealing container. After filling the containers, simply connect them to the special adapter in the vacuum sealing drawer. The air will then be removed via this adapter during vacuum sealing.

    What's Included

    • Adapter for vacuum sealing container (1)
    • Request card for sous-vide cook (1)
    • Vacuum-sealing bags, 180 x 280 mm (50)
    • Vacuum-sealing bags, 240 x 350 mm (50)
    • Vacuum sealing bags

    Product data sheet

    Construction type and design
    Built-in vacuum sealing drawer•
    ColourObsidian black
    Convenience features
    Preparing food for sous-vide cooking•
    Longer storage life of food•
    Marinating food•
    Range of applications
    Vacuum sealing food•
    Marinating food•
    Dividing food into portions•
    Vacuum sealing containers•
    Resealing original packaging•
    Sealing jars•
    Vacuum sealing liquids•
    User convenience
    Push2open mechanism•
    Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading of the warming drawer•
    Control panel with sensor controls•
    Control panel with symbols•
    LED vacuum setting indicator•
    LED vacuum setting indicator•
    LED sealing duration indicator•
    Stop function•
    User convenience
    Vacuum settings1 - 3
    Vacuum settings1 - 3
    LED vacuum setting indicator•
    Sealing duration settings1 - 3
    Maximum bag size in mm350
    Vacuum chamber capacity in l8.00
    Air extraction technology
    Pump capacity in m³/h4
    Air extraction technology
    Stainless-steel vacuum chamber•
    Cleaning convenience
    Flush control panel•
    Note regarding moisture removal from the vacuum pump•
    Replaceable sealing bar•
    Technical data
    Appliance width in mm595
    Appliance height in mm141
    Appliance depth in mm570
    Useable interior height in mm80
    Total rated load in kW0.32
    Voltage in V230
    Frequency in Hz50-60
    Fuse rating in A10
    Number of phases1
    Length of supply lead in m1.80
    Safety switch-off•
    Technical data
    Mains cable with plugYes