KWT 7112 iG

Built-in wine conditioning unit with FlexiFrame Plus and Push2open for the most demanding wine connoisseurs.

KWT 7112 iG

Built-in wine conditioning unit with FlexiFrame Plus and Push2open for the most demanding wine connoisseurs.

Feature Highlights

  • Great storage of larger wine bottles thanks to FlexiFrame Plus
  • Perfect design for handleless kitchens - Push2open
  • Odourless refrigeration section thanks to Active AirClean filters
  • Present your wine in the perfect light - LED lighting
  • Optimum wine protection through UV filters in tinted glass front
  • Color

    ‐ Clean steel/Stainless steel

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    Your exclusive advantages

    UV protection

    Beautiful and protects precious wines

    The best protection for valuable wine: glass door with integrated UV filter.
    UV rays can cause chemical reactions in wines. Miele glass doors are made of tinted safety glass with integrated UV filter. Your wine is stored with optimum protection from UV rays.
    Miele@mobile app

    Intelligently networked

    Excellently networked with Miele@home: use your smartphone or tablet to access status and control functions.
    With Miele@mobile it is easy for you to connect with your refrigeration appliance or wine unit. With Plug & Play you register the appliance with the app and you immediately have access to the current status, no matter where you are. You can also control some individual appliance functions via the app and are kept reliably informed of faults and alarms.
    FlexiFrame Plus

    Holds bottles of all sizes securely

    Perfectly matched: The slats can be repositioned lengthwise and width-wise and can even hold magnum bottles.
    Perfectly conditioned wine, even in large bottles. For the first time, individual slats can be rearranged in two directions to accommodate bottles with a large diameter, e.g. for the safe storage of magnum bottles.

    One touch is enough

    Open in no time: light pressure on the drawer is all it takes.
    Hands full? No problem – press gently on the drawer and it will open straight away thanks to the practical Push2open mechanism. The spring mechanism ensures that the drawer opens wide, making loading and operating easy. The deliberate lack of a handle ensures that the drawer blends in perfectly with our built-in appliances.
    Temperature zones

    Several temperature zones in one appliance

    Individual controls: up to three different types of wine requiring different temperatures can be stored at the same time.
    Miele wine units are fitted with up to three temperature zones which can be controlled separately. Up to three different types of wine such as red wine, white wine, champagne or sparkling wine, can be stored at the same time and under perfect conditions.
    Storage with low vibration

    Specially developed for storage in the wine unit

    Low vibration: The compressor is uncoupled and cushioned against vibration.
    In order to store your wines in an extremely gentle manner, Miele wine units are equipped with specially optimised components: The compressor, which is optimised to run quietly, is also mechanically uncoupled from the housing. This allows your wine to be stored without vibrations.
    Active AirClean filter

    A completely odour-free kitchen

    Efficient odour absorption: the disposable filter with active charcoal must be replaced regularly.
    To remove odours with a Miele recirculation cooker hood, you can use an active charcoal filter. This disposable filter has to be replaced on a regular basis.

    Appliance door closes softly

    Quiet and safe: the doors close quietly, gently and as if of their own accord for very secure storage.
    With SoftClose the doors on your Miele wine units close silently, gently and as if of their own accord. The integrated door-dampening feature prevents your wine bottles from being subjected to rough vibrations caused by closing the door too hard. Furthermore, the SoftClose feature closes the door automatically if the angle of the open door is less than 30º. This allows your wine to be stored safely without disturbance.
    DynaCool (dynamic cooling)

    Perfect storage conditions for food and wine

    Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.
    A fan circulates the cold air to ensure uniform temperature and humidity throughout the entire unit. This ensures constant and perfect storage conditions for your wine. Humidity levels of around 70 % also prevent corks from drying out.
    LED lighting


    More than just lighting: the flush lighting strip presents your elegant appliance in the perfect light.
    The flush LED lighting presents wine bottles in the right light. The maintenance-free LED lighting ensures efficient and optimum illumination of the cabinet and its contents. Furthermore, LED lighting does not heat the air in the appliance, allowing your wine to be stored undisturbed.

    Product data sheet

    Appliance category
    Wine conditioning unit •
    Construction type
    Built-in appliance•
    Integrated appliance•
    Door hingeBottom
    Front colourStainl. steel CleanSteel glass
    Refrigeration section lightingLED
    User convenience
    DynaCool •
    SoftClose •
    Concealed door openerPush2open
    Push2open •
    No. of wooden racks3
    Number of FlexiFrame Plus wooden racks2
    Low-vibration storage •
    Active AirClean filter •
    Operating conceptTouchControl
    Independent temperature regulation of fridge and freezer zonesNo
    No. of temperature zones1
    Efficiency and sustainability
    Energy efficiency class (A+++ to G)A+
    Annual energy consumption in kWh106
    Energy consumption per 100 l in 24 h in kWh0.29
    Appliance networking
    Accessories requiredXKV 3000 KF
    Lock function•
    Acoustic door alarm•
    Acoustic temperature alarm•
    Optical door alarm•
    Optical temperature alarm•
    Technical data
    Niche width in mm min560
    Niche width in mm max570
    Niche height in mm min450
    Niche height in mm max452
    Niche depth in mm550
    Appliance width in mm595
    Appliance height in mm455
    Appliance depth in mm559
    Weight in kg36.00
    Climate classSN-ST
    Wine conditioning zone in l46
    0.75 l Bordeaux bottle capacity (no. of bottles)18 bottles
    Storage time in case of fault0
    Freezer capacity in kg/24 h0.00
    Sound power in dB(A) re1pW34
    Current consumption (mA)0.500 A
    Voltage in V220-240
    Fuse rating in A10
    Frequency in Hz50
    Length of supply lead in m2.20